"Seasonal Flowers I"
by Lena Liu

Seasonal Flowers I

"Seasonal Flowers I"
Released May 1998

This is a piece from a set of four paintings that combine to form a complete collection of floral bouquets from every season of the year. These open edition prints are signed by the artist and depict a different flower to represent every month of the year -- seasons of beauty to last the whole year round.

With "Seasonal Flowers I" Lena Liu illustrates in glorious detail the flowers of winter. For January, she depicts a bouquet of pink carnations. February features a lovely bouquet of delicate purple African violets and the set is completed with the early blooming bright yellow jonquils that comes to life in March.

"Seasonal Flowers I" is offered as a 8" x 20" open edition print for $20. It is signed by the artist and each individual image measures approximately 4 1/2" x 4 1/2".

See also: "Seasonal Flowers II", "Seasonal Flowers III", and "Seasonal Flowers IV".

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