Spring 2003 Release

Angel's Wings and Spring Breeze
Now Available as Limited Edition Prints and Canvas Transfers


Country Retreat Romantic Moment

The spring season of 2003 had been very unusual. There were several big snows spreading from the south to the northeast region of the United States. The weather was still pretty cold in the month of March. Now with the Iraq War mostly over and the flowers begin to bloom, we are looking for better times ahead. Lena creates two new paintings - Angel's Wings and Spring Breeze to remind us that life is still filled with love and hope. With her delicate brushstrokes, these paintings capture the heart of the viewer with the romantic setting of a country home.

Both prints are 16" x 20" size images and are available for $80 each as limited edition prints and for $295 each on canvas or framed. (please click-on the link for our framed canvas price list)

"Angel's Wings" (above left) This is a room filled with warmth and nostalgic atmosphere. the beautiful narcissus at the front and the opulent plants by the window fill the air with life and peacefulness. The soft ray of sunlight through the window creates a sense of hope and love. With the blessing of the angels in the setting, this room can be a sanctuary for people who look for quiet moments in their hectic life.

Next, "Spring Breeze" (above right) The blossom of the tulips brightens the rustic country room with beautiful soft pink/peach shades. The soft breeze through the window reminds us that winter is really over. There are a few old books by the table waiting to be read. This is a place for viewers to relax and rest. Lena captures this timeless moment with her usual soft delicate brushstrokes.

For detailed information to order these pieces, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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