Lena Liu's "Music Room VII - Afternoon Repose"

Music Room VII - Afternoon Repose

"Music Room VII - Afternoon Repose"
Released January 1999

Immerse yourself in this warm, intimate, and romantic room while the musicians take a well deserved break. Look around - the cello rests against a chair in the foreground. The gold-leafed oriental screen painted with plum blossoms stands next to a life-size reproduction of a bronze ballerina sculpture by Degas. His famous dancers paintings echo from the other side of the room. A soft glow from the lamp warms this quiet corner. A violin nestles in the sofa and is surrounded by beautifully embroidered pillows. Sheet music scattered on the handsomly patterned Oriental rug signals the intensity of the rehearsal. On an ottoman, a tray holds a teacup awaiting the musicians' return. Next to a sunny window, a candelabra sits on top of the grand piano. The afternoon sun filters through the sheer curains, illuminating a shawl draped on the bench. Ivy, fern, and palm all thrive in this charming sunlit parlor. The sweet fragrance from freshly cut peonies fills the room. Who wouldn't want to linger on for the rest of the day?

The Music Room VII - Afternoon Repose is offered as a 24" x 30"limited edition print for $150. It is also available as a 24" x 30"limited edition canvas transfer for $425 unframed (please click for framed prices).

To order this piece or for the gallery near you, please call 1-800-541-7696

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