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Homage to Mozart and Homage to Beethoven
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Homage To Mozart Homage To Beethoven

Lena Liu's Music Room Series are the most sought-after images she ever created. The Music Room VII Series released in January 1999 is no exception.

A trip to Prague, Budapest, and Vienna in 1998 inspired Lena to pay tribute to two of the most famous romantic composers, Mozart and Beethoven. Both prints are 16" x 20" size images and are available for $80 each as limited edition prints and for $295 each on canvas or $420 framed.

These two companion paintings of Mozart and Beethoven are so uniquely composed and well executed that we are certain that they are going to be the best selling musical pieces Lena ever created. The classical compositions are very different from her previous musical renderings, and yet the elegant brush strokes are unmistakably hers. In each painting, images of the composer, musical instruments and flowers are painted on a copy of the composer's authentic manuscript. The border also depicts the title of the manuscript and characters in the music, and the paintings are completed with Lena's signature chops.

"Homage To Mozart - Marriage of Figaro" (above left) has images of Mozart, piano, French horn, cello, and red roses painted on a copy of Mozart's manuscript. This particular page is the aria written for the title role of Susanna from "The Marriage of Figaro." The border depicts the title of the opera and the two main characters of the play, Susanna and Figaro.

Next, "Homage to Beethoven - Symphony No.9 D-Minor, op.125" (above right) is also affectionately known as "Ode to Joy". Images of Beethoven, piano, violin, trumpet, and white lilies are surrounded by a border which depicts the title of the symphony, a conductor, the chorus, and musicians playing violin and cello.

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To order or for the gallery nesr you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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