Lena Liu's "Music Room VI - Romantic Overture"

Music Room VI-Romantic Overture
"Music Room VI - Romantic Overture"
Released November 1997

This year's addition to the annual Music Room Series, "Music Room VI - Romantic Overture", features a majestic harp in a grand music room filled with beauty and the love of music. The lavishly decorated room invites the delight of music lovers everywhere. Sunlight filters gently through the sheer curtains, creating a soft romantic setting. A trio of instruments, including a harp, a piano, and a violin, beckons to be played. The frozen moment of anticipation portrayed in this lovely scene is like that before the start of a performance.

This elegant millieu is an ideal inspiration for a budding musician. Lena had this in mind when she included the oriental screen. Depicted on the screen is a mother teaching her daughter to play the mandolin. The sweet ethereal strains of music float up to the heavnes where cherubs join in the symphony. Seven cherubs have found a delightful haven in this music room -- six in the screen and the seventh one in the carved base of the gold music stand.

The "Music Room VI - Romantic Overture" is offered as a 24" x 30" limited edition print for $150. Unfortunately it is no longer available as a 24" x 30" limited edition canvas transfer.

To order this piece or for the gallery nearest you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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