Music Room IV - Swan Melody
by Lena Liu

Swan Melody

Music Room IV - Swan Melody
Released October 1995 is Sold Out

"Music Room IV - Swan Melody" gives collectors not one, but two works of art by Lena Liu to enjoy. "Swan Melody" is actually a painting within a painting. A beautiful dance from Swan Lake is displayed on the wall, where an ethereal swan sets the mood for this dreamy ballet. The tiny ballerinas seem to float as they pirouette gracefully among the swan's soft, white feathers. As the dancers intertwine with the delicate feathers of the swan's wings, they become one with its shadowy contour. A bouquet of soft white magnolias mirrors the swan's beatuy, eact petal gracefully curved like the tulled skirts of the ballerina. An exquisite violin is placed on a soft, colorful shawl by the loving hands of a musician. Nearby, a quill, still wet with ink, indicates a work in progress. A still-life of rare beauty and grace, "Swan Melody" is sure to be cherished for generations.

"Music Room IV - Swan Melody" is no longer available as a limited edition print. All of the prints have been sold out. However, it is available as a 24" x 30" limited edition canvas transfer for $425 unframed or $625 framed.

To order this piece or for the gallery nearest you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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