"Music Room III - Composer's Retreat"
by Lena Liu

Music Room III - Composer's Retreat

"Music Room III - Composer's Retreat"
Released April 1994

"Music Room III - Composer's Retreat" is the third issue in Lena's popular Music Room Series and the fifth in the Nostalgia Series, preceded by "Music Room I", "Music Room II", "Quiet Moment" and "The Morning Room".

"Music Room III" is as elegant as its two predecessors. The classic beauty of the grand piano is coupled with the delicate simplicity of the violin. The two instruments are combined in such a way that offers an illusion of a quiet corner where a musician might go to compose. Here one finds all the elements necessary to inspire beautiful music from these peaceful surroundings.

"Music Room III - Composer's Retreat" is no longer available in either print or canvas. It is only available on the secondary market.

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