"Music Room II - Nutcracker"
by Lena Liu

Music Room II - Nutcracker

"Music Room II - The Nutcracker"
Released November 1992

"Music Room II - The Nutcracker" is the second issue in Lena's popular Music Room Series and the fourth in the Nostalgia Series, preceded by "Music Room I", "Quiet Moment" and "The Morning Room".

A Music Room is a place where you can ejoy music and drift into a fantasyland of imagination. In commemorating the 100 year Anniversary of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet, Lena Liu transformed her room into the stage for Balanchine's Ballerinas.

In Lena's "Music Room II", scenes from the first act of the Ballet grace the panels of the Oriental screen while figures from the second act perform in the Oriental rug.

Viewers familiar with the Ballet will be able to find numerous characters and scenes hidden throughout the painting.

"Music Room II - The Nutcracker" is no longer available in either print or canvas. It is only available on the secondary market.

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