"Music Room I"
by Lena Liu

Music Room I

"Music Room I"
Released October/November 1991

"Music Room I" is the first issue in Lena's very popular Music Room Series and the third in the Nostalgia Series, preceded by "Quiet Moment" and "The Morning Room". It is a most memorable masterpiece of romance. The strains of Chopin's "Raindrops" are resounding on the snuffed candle smoke, awaking the Cherubs delicately arranged in the petals and the candlelabra. This Cherub Quintet is getting ready to accompany the Ballarinas for the second performance.

Lena Liu's treatment of the flowers, light and reflections with color and her approach to them on silk creates a spectacular image. The Cherub Quintet, delicately placed in the flowers and the candlelabra, and the Degas Ballerinas are a delight and leave the viewer breathlessly awaiting the beginning of the performance. The setting in this old world Music Room is charming and is certain to rekindle memories of romantic moments and treasured dreams.

"Music Room I" is no longer available in any format. It is only available on the secondary market.

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