"Autumn Glory"
by Lena Liu

Autumn Glory

"Autumn Glory"
Released October 1998

This beautiful autumn landscape depicts a quiet country path leading to an unknown territory. On this particular fall morning the air is clear and crisp. The sunlight pierces through the tree tops hitting the patch of grass just ready for the change of season. The colors of the leaves on the thinning shrubs and trees vary from the palest yellow to the deepest brown and red. The beautiful variegated white bark on the tree trunks will make you pause for a moment to appreciate the wonders of nature. While walking down the path, be sure not to make too much noise by stepping on the falling leaves or you may startle the little animals lurking behind the shrubs. Take a deep breath and enjoy this glorious autumn day!

"Autumn Glory" is offered as a 24" x 30" limited edition print for $145. It is also available as a 24" x 30" limited edition canvas transfer for $395 unframed (please click for framed prices).

To order this piece or for the gallery nearest you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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