"Double Hibiscus with Ruby Throat & Roses with Anne"

by Lena Liu

Double Hibiscus w/ Ruby Throat

Double Hibiscus w/ Ruby Throat(HB01)

Roses with Anne

Roses with Anne(HB02)

"Double Hibiscus with Ruby Throat & Roses with Anne"
Released Fall 2004

The first image, Double Hibiscus with Ruby Throat, illustrates the astrounding movements of the male hummingbird as he approaches the flowers. Lena captured the interaction between the hummingbird and the hibiscus with her delicate brushstrokes. With grace and beauty Roses with Anne depicts the Anne hummingbird wings its way towards the beautiful vintage climbing roses that interwine with honey-suckle.

"Double Hibiscus with Ruby Throat" and "Roses with Anne" are offered as 10" x 10" limited edition prints for $40 each. They both are $125 for 8"x10" limited edition canvas transfer. .

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To order this piece or for the gallery nearest you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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