Lena Liu's "Garden of Paradise - Majestic Peacock"

Garden of Paradise - Majestic Peacock
"Garden of Paradise - Majestic Peacock"
Released November 1999

Welcom to the Garden of Paradise, a sanctuary of beauty and serenity! White roses climbing up the marble pillars to meet the lovely clusters of wisteria. A peacock sits atop an urn watching over to the peahen near its side. Gazing out from the balcony is a lustrous prairie where the streams winding through. The only sound that breaks the silence is the peaceful rhythm of the water as it trickles down between rocks and softly cascades over tiny waterfall, feeding into a lake where a pair of swans calls home. The warm afternoon sun turns the leaves on the trees into shimmering gold. Who can resist this mystical and delightful paradise?

"Majestic Peacock" is the centerpiece and main focus of this triptych. Wisteria vines wrap around the pillars with purple blossoms swaying in the wind. On a marble urn that's filled with blooming pink roses stands the "Majestic Peacock. Lena Liu painstakingly painted its beautiful feathers in great detail with vibrant blue, green and gold. More climbing roses are threaded through the railing, sending their sweet perfume into the air. Another small waterfall and stream feed into a lake that surrounds a beautiful tiny island.

Although designed for displaying as a set, the pieces in this triptych can be arranged separately or in pairs, without losing any integrity of the garden. Each painting measures 22" x 28" and is offered in a signed and numbered edition of 2,950 for $135. A signed and numbered canvas edition of 300 is also available for $395 unframed (please click for framed prices).

For ordering information, please visit your local gallery or call 1-800-541-7696.

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