"French Horn Melody"
by Lena Liu

French Horn Melody

"French Horn Melody"
Released October 1995

"French Horn Melody" is part of a four piece collection called "Celestial Symphony", designed by Lena Liu to compliment her popular Music Room series. Now you can fill an entire room with the graceful romance of heavenly music. "Flute Interlude", "Violin Concerto", "Piano Sonata", and "French Horn Melody", each showcase a lovely instrument surrounded by heavenly angels.

The Chinese word, "tien-lai" is used to describe music so beautiful that it is considered "music from heaven." Lena's distinctive watercolor on silk style is remarkably suited to this heavenly milieu of musical celebration.

Perfect for grouping as a set or in pairs, this Celestial Symphony Collection is a delightful addition to Lena's much-loved Music Room collection.

"French Horn Melody" is offered as a 9" x 12" limited edition print for $40. It is also available as a 9" x 12" limited edition canvas transfer for $145 unframed (please click for framed prices).

To order this piece or for the gallery nearest you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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