"The Delights of Spring"
by Lena Liu

The Delights of Spring

"The Delights of Spring"
Released May 1998

This painting depicts a garden of colorful spring flowers bursting into full bloom. This beautiful flower garden includes red and white tulips, peach hyacinths, cheerful yellow jonquils, white daffodils, blue grape hyacinths, and pink anemone in a bed of pansies and phlox. Early blooming purple irises stand regally in the background. Their delicate bright purple petals attract butterflies as they come out of their cocoons and spread their wings for the first time. As they flitter among the glorious flowers, their brightly colored wings intermingle with the fresh colors of the flowers, capturing the warmth and energy of the delightful spring season.

"The Delights of Spring" is offered as a 16" x 20" limited edition print for $80. It is also available as a 16" x 20" limited edition canvas transfer for $295 unframed (please click for framed prices).

This piece is an ideal companion for Lena Liu's "Butterfly Paradise".

To order this piece or for the gallery nearest you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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