Lena Liu's "Poetic Melody"

Release Date April 1999

Poetic Melody

"Poetic Melody"

Among the sought after collectibles by Lena Liu were those that she created with her inimitable "Oriental Theme". It was in the spring of 1996 that "Oriental Splendor" was introduced and quickly SOLD OUT. This spring Lena Liu introduces five new images, including "Poetic Melody" as its main feature, in this same collectable category.

Poetry, paintings and calligraphy have been intimately connected in Chinese in Chinese literary world for centuries. Lena Liu skillfully combined all three elements with music and flowers in this image. Orchids, which symbolize feminine beauty, are potted in a blue and white porcelain bowl. The book titled "The Collections of Poems from the Tang Dynasty", and a flute which poets often play to gather thoughts are all beautifully arranged on top of a red lacquered cabinet.

Two original paintings within the painting! If you study this painting closely, aside from the one you are looking at, you will actually find two more of Lena Liu's original creations. The second original painting is the screen hung above the Indian red cabinet in which a group of ladies playing musical instruments in a grand palace setting. Can you spot the two ladies featured in "Magnolia Serenade" and "Fireside Solitude"? The screen with the mountain scenery behind the ladies is yet another original landscape composition by Lena Liu. There are two chops in the upper right corner. The large square one translates from Chinese reads: "The redolence of poetry and the harmony of melody". The oblong shaped block is Lena Liu's signature chop.

Poetic Melody is offered as a 24" x 30"limited edition print for $150. It is also offered as a 24" x 30" limited edition canvas transfer for $425 unframed (please click for framed prices).

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