Lena Liu's "Fireside Solitude"

Release Date April 1999

Magnolia Serenade

"Fireside Solitude"

A "must-have" companion to Magnolia Serenade is a painting of the legendary maiden in Chinese history - Wang Chao-Chun. In the left corner of the image is the title of the famous poem describing the journey by Lady Wang depicted in Chinese calligraphy. This beautiful lady was sent to Mongolia as a peacekeeping gift to marry the ruler under the order by the emperor. Lady Wang plays her beloved Pi-Pa during the long, lonely winter, reminiscing of her love ones back home. The rich design of the white cloak and pale green jewelry, the snowy mountain scenery and the plum blossoms in their pure white vases are in direct contrast to the warm and glowing fire with the gold, red and green backdrop.

The "Fireside Solitude" is offered as a 20" x 20" limited edition print for $105. It is also available as a 20" x 20" limited edition canvas transfer for $365 unframed (please click for framed prices).

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