"Oriental Splendor"
by Lena Liu

Oriental Splendor

"Oriental Splendor"
Released April 1996

A classic Lena Liu image, "Oriental Splendor" is a richly complex work that features a lavish bouquet accented with elegant oriental vases and bowls. A lush, goldne jacquard linen and a colorful floral tablecloth ground and unify the composition. These sumptuous patterns are a perfect accompaniment to the tranquil landscape painting on the oriental screen that provides an ethereal backdrop for this piece.

Traditionally, oriental accessories have always been used to decorate interiors to add richness and elegance. This opulent piece of art is ideal for that purpose.

We have completely sold out BOTH "Oriental Splendor" prints and canvas transfers. It was offered as a 22" x 29 1/2" limited edition print for $145. It was also available as a 22" x 28" limited edition canvas transfer for $395 unframed or $595 framed.

For more information please call 1-800-541-7696.

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