"Urn with Irises" & "Urn with Tulips"
by Lena Liu

Urn with IrisesUrn with Tulips
"Urn with Irises" and "Urn with Tulips"
Released July 1997

"Urn with Irises"and "Urn with Tulips" feature lovely bouquets framed by columns and gracefully arched windows. Viewers are invited to peek through the openings and glimpse the azure sky beyond. Here Lena has employed a venerated art technique called trompe l'oeil, or "fooling the eye." Collectors may enjoy the optical illusion of looking into a garden from an open window -- a sensation almost like peeking into another dimension. The visual surprise created through this centuries-old method of painting makes these pieces ideal for smaller enclosed areas, where they enhance the illusion of openness.

"Urn with Irises" showcases delicate bearded irises. Masses of white petunias and ivy are a lovely complement to the regal irises. "Urn with Tulips" overflows with graceful peach-colored tulips. White petunias and ivy add subtle drama to the arrangement.

"Urn with Irises" and "Urn with Tulips" are offered as 8 1/2" x 18" limited edition prints for $45 a piece. At this time we are completely SOLD OUT of this print.

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