Lena Liu's "Magnolia & Day Lilies"and
"Magnolias & Hydrangeas"

Magnolia & Day Lilies Magnolias & Hydrangeas

"Magnolia & Day Lilies" and "Magnolias & Hydrangeas"
Released July 1995

Beauty abounds in the lush countryside, and now you can catch a glimpse of it withou leaving your home. Lena's landscape triptych, "Magnolias & Day Lilies", "Magnolia Path", and "Magnolias & Hydrangeas", takes you to a peaceful wooded path leading anywhere your imagination takes you. In the foreground you find a large magnolia tree bursting with magnificent saucer-shaped blossoms, signifying the beginning of summer. Other seasonal flowers, including blue and pink hydrangea, white daisies, and peach day lilies, add color and accentuate the beauty of the large white w\magnolias.

Although Lena Liu designed them to be grouped as a set, the pieces in this triptych can also be arranged separately or in pairs. Each one is beautiful enough to stand on its own and compliment any decor.

These pieces were created to form a landscape triptych with "Magnolia Path". They are offered as 12" x 28 limited edition prints for $80 each.

To order these pieces or for the gallery nearest you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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