"Lilac Breezes"
by Lena Liu

Lilac Breezes

"Lilac Breezes"
Released July 1995

A gentle summer breeze brings joy to our hearts as we smell the fragrant lilac bouquet in delightful "Lilac Breezes". A stoneware vase holding soft purple, blue, and white lilacs sits before an open window with its sheer, white curtain as a backdrop, swaying gently in the Lilac Breezes. This lovely and colorful bouquet is enhanced by a plate of fresh fruit. Big juicy pears and shiny grapes overflow from their platter, adorning the quiet setting. Nearby, ivy trails out from a smaller vase, providing a subtle accent to the delicate lilacs.

"Lilac Breezes" is offered as a 16" x 20" limited edition print for $80. It is also available as a 16" x 20" for $295 unframed ( please click for framed prices).

"Lilac Breezes" can be paired nicely with "Sweet Bounty".

To order this piece or for the gallery nearest you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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