"Wreath of Peonies"
by Lena Liu

Wreath of Peonies

"Wreath of Peonies"
Released July 1994

Lena's love for dried flowers inspired this new set of beautiful wreaths. Such arrangements have a long history of welcoming visitors -- here, Lena gives us fresh floral wreaths, captured forever on archival-quality paper to remind us all of life's beauty and bounty. These lovely prints speak eloquently of the importance of friends, family, and romantic traditions.

"Wreath of Peonies" stunning display of peonies, sweet williams, and delphiniums evokes visions of beauty and romance. Lena Liu has aptly selected peonies as the arrangement's focus -- the flower is know as the "Queen of Flowers" in China. Who could ever wish for a more royal welcome than to be greeted by this elegant arrangement?

"Wreath of Peonies" is offered as a 16" x 16" limited edition print for $55.

This piece can be matched with either "Wreath of Lilies" or "Wreath of Pansies".

To order this piece or for the gallery nearest you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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