Hummingbirds Series

Hummingbirds w/Roses and Hummingbirds w/Azaleas
by Lena Liu

Hummingbirds w/Roses

Hummingbirds w/Roses(AC18)

Hummingbirds w/Azaleas

Hummingbirds w/Azaleas(AC19)

Lena Liu once more used her magnificent gift to bring a feastof nature for you to cherish and enjoy. In Hummingbirds with Roses,you can peek through the opening created by roses and lilacs. There are two hummingbirds flying close by. The beauty and harmony of this instant moment is captured by the hand of the artist with her delicate brushstrokes. The companion piece Hummingbirds with Azaleas shows the joy of companionship and the harmony with nature.

"Hummingbirds w/Roses(AC18)" and "Hummingbirds w/Azleas(AC19)"
are offered as a 11"x11" limited edition print for $40 each.

To order or for the gallery near you, please call 1-800-541-7696.

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